Media Training Services

I have helped numerous clients prepare for interviews, on camera, on radio, for podcasts, and for print/online stories. My media training has helped professionals in tech, sports, entertainment, publishing and other industries be ready to deliver their message in a genuine, thoughtful way.


I will work with you or other members of your senior management team to develop the skills, confidence, and finesse needed to navigate interviews, press conferences, public speaking engagements and other media interactions with poise and impact.

Receive Tailored Coaching

I understand that each individual and organization has unique strengths and challenges. I customize media training sessions to address your specific needs, ensuring you receive targeted guidance that resonates and works.

Why Choose Jim Delorenzo Public Relations?

Proven Expertise

With a reputation built on years of successful PR and media engagement, I bring unparalleled expertise to your media training.

Holistic Approach

I believe in equipping my clients with comprehensive skills. My training goes beyond rehearsed responses, empowering you with a deep understanding of media dynamics and strategies for fostering lasting media relationships.

Real Results

My track record on behalf of my clients speaks volumes. Through my media training, they have gone on to confidently engage with media and other audiences, effectively sharing their stories in a variety of meaningful public platforms.

Empowerment for Your Success

In today’s media-driven world, the ability to communicate effectively can make or break opportunities. Media training empowers you to seize those opportunities, cement your brand’s reputation, and drive your narrative forward.

Elevate Your Media Relations Game

Ready to see your brand’s story in the headlines? Partner with Jim Delorenzo Public Relations and embark on a journey that transforms your media presence into a strategic advantage. Let’s together redefine the way your brand connects with the world through the power of expert media training.