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At Jim DeLorenzo Public Relations, I bring 30+ years of success telling clear and powerful stories. Let me showcase your stories!

How Can I Tell Your Story?

I have developed and managed over 300 cost-effective communications campaigns to date for clients drawn from diverse industries including technology, financial services, professional services, non-profits, sports, and entertainment. All my work is geared towards making an impact on your image, your reputation, and your brand equity with a personal, one-on-one approach. 


My methods include:

PR Strategy Development

I’ll learn your stories, your business, and your background, exploring key messages, target audiences, and appropriate communication channels to effectively convey the desired image and build positive relationships.

Earned Media Coverage

You want to do more than tell the story. You need to BE the story. I’ll help you create stories, events, and experiences that generate attention and naturally promote your brand. 

Unify Your Sales and Marketing Message

The best messages are simple, pointed, and consistent. I can work with your sales and marketing teams to ensure that your story is well-told across all internal and external channels.

Media Training

People are interested in your story and they are ready to talk to you. Are you ready?  I’ll power your moment by preparing you for media, television, radio and podcast interviews, stories, features and other media opportunities to tell your story.

Community Outreach

My relationships in the media and in various communities are brought to bear on your behalf, to engage and support local communities through various initiatives, promoting positive change and development. Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone knows how to tell a story.

Personalized Solutions

My service offers premium quality and personalized solutions to meet all your needs, ensuring utmost satisfaction and convenience.

News & Media

Client Press Releases

Click the link below to read all the recent press releases I have created on behalf of my clients.


My YouTube channel includes videos created with my clients, as well as recent interviews I have done.


Home to my “Storytelling with a Purpose!” podcast created with my partners at SBX Productions.

About Jim DeLorenzo

Everyone in business knows how important getting their story out is to their brand and reputation, but for many, it is a challenge to convert that exposure into their audience taking action.

Whether it be membership, event registration, sponsorship, or sales, for your story to have an impact, it has to be so compelling that they believe in you and your message and want to take the next step.

So what does it take to connect with your audience in a purposeful way that has a measurable result?

➊ Create an emotional connection
➋ Articulate the void you are filling
➌ Demonstrate the value you bring

Once you have accomplished these three goals it is essential to communicate this message consistently and across the right media channels.


I call this “Storytelling with a Purpose.” This is what I do, this is my career, my life’s vocation. I help my clients, colleagues, and friends get their meaningful stories told to the appropriate audience, generating increased brand awareness, brand exposure, and brand equity that builds business and relationships.

Here is what ESPN Founder, Bill Rasmussen said: “Jim has been a valuable asset to our business. He is an accomplished professional in public relations, a team player who gets the job done.”

A deeply experienced and dedicated public relations professional, I take every client, every event, and every opportunity on as if it were my own. My commitment to helping my clients succeed is the foundation of everything I do.


What I can do for you:

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